Policies & Procedures

These policies and procedures are instituted to support the purpose of the Freedom and may be changed at any time as the Maryland Freedom Athletics Board of Directors may deem necessary.

Health. Each player must have been examined by a competent medical professional and deemed capable of participation without significant risk to his health and physical well-being. Additionally, the player’s parent or guardian must have attested that the player has no known pre-existing conditions, prior injuries or congenital problems that may create a significant risk to his health and physical well-being while participating. 

Registration. Participants must complete the program registration online.  

Fee Payment. Any participant in Team sporting events must be current with any and all relevant fees prior to participation.
Only the Board of Directors may waive any of these requirements and they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

No-Refund of Fees 
The Maryland Freedom incurs significant expenses in preparing for the inclusion of each registered participant. These expenses include logistics, equipment and facilities. These costs do not significantly diminish upon withdrawal of a player. Consequently, all registration and other fees are non-refundable.

Player Issued Equipment 
Considerable funds are invested in providing safe, modern sports equipment for each player. Fortunately, this equipment can generally be used for multiple seasons, requiring only minor repair or refurbishment, reducing expenses significantly. Consequently, it is important for the Team to recover all equipment at the end of the season that it has issued to players. The parent or guardian will be responsible for ensuring that all equipment issued to a player is returned.
If a player wishes to purchase his jersey at the end of the season, he may do so for the full replacement cost. No other team equipment is available for sale.

Insurance Agreement 
The Maryland Freedom is a "Play at Your Own Risk" program and assumes no responsibility for any medical cost related to any injury sustained while participating as a member of any MFA team.  

Parent Participation 
The Maryland Freedom is an all-volunteer organization. Player’s parents who would like to volunteer are welcome contact the programs Athletic Director to determine where you are best suited to support the program.

At games, only the team staff are allowed on the sideline. For the benefit of both your son as well as the entire team, please refrain from coming to the sideline to talk to your son. During the games, allow the coaches to coach and you be your son’s greatest fan.

As loving parents, we recognize your desire to attend to your son should he be injured; however, we request that you remain in the stands unless called for by a team representative.

Handling Complaints 
The Maryland Freedom will look to resolve all issues with a spirit of love, truth, and humility with the goal of restoration.  All complaints and issues need to be directed to the programs Player/Personnel Director.  The PPD will notify the appropriate BOD members to review the registered complaint/issue.  The team will work with all parties involved and present a recommendation for resolution to the programs Athletic Director.  All decisions by the Athletic Director are final.

Privacy Policy 
The Maryland Freedom and it's meitss are sensitive to individual desires to keep personal information private. The Team will make every reasonable effort to keep individual identification information secure. However, in conducting team business, there is the need to disseminate certain information of the team to related organizations. The Team will not release any personal information of parents or players without the express written consent of the parents except to similar organizations and academic institutions for the purpose of conducting Team business.

The player’s likeness may be used by the Team without prior consent for the purposes of recruiting, promoting of the Team and public relations through media outlets.

Qualifications of Volunteers
It is the policy of the Maryland Freedom that all adults connected with the Team in any capacity shall present the best character as is possible both on and off the field.  The Maryland Freedom are a Christian based organization and will follow Christian doctrine.  Volunteers are not required to profess their faith, but will be held to follow and respect the programs goals, foundation and format.

Background Check. It is the policy of the Maryland Freedom that all adults in leadership positions must authorize the Team to conduct a formal check of any and all legal records pertaining to the adult candidate for youth leadership. The Team will conduct these criminal background and other legal checks at the time and in the manner of the Team’s choosing.

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